Residential Garden Design

Under the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI), landscaping qualifies as suitable renovation or improvement works. The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) provides tax relief for you by way of an income tax credit at 13.5% of qualifying expenditure on:

  • repair,
  • renovation, or
  • improvement works.

These works must be carried out on your main home by HRI qualifying Contractors. For further information regarding the Home Renovation Incentive, please refer to the HRI Guide for Homeowners from

Beds / Borders

If a planting scheme is to be successful. The plants within it must be arranged in such a way that they not only create the desired visual effects in terms of colour, texture, light and shade but also suit the physical conditions to be found in the part of the garden where they are planted. Comeragh Landscaping can assess the space needed for planting, the nature of the soil, the moisture in the soil and the amount of sun, wind or shade in your garden to bring you your desired bed or border.

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Defining specific areas in your garden to highlight their function looks great and is practical. Using decking to mark out a patio or seating area adds interest to a garden. Comeragh Landscaping are decking professionals.

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Garden Design

The design of a garden reflects how it is used. A garden for entertaining, for example, would have seating area and capture the best evening sun whereas a garden for the disabled would allow for easy access. You can incorporate wooden structures into your garden such as pergolas and gazebos. Comeragh Landscaping is skilled at designing the perfect garden to meet all your needs.

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Comeragh Landscaping prides itself on the professional construction of the best quality stonework. Walls can be traditional or modern depending on the tastes, garden design and budget of the homeowner. Clients praise Comeragh Landscaping for having the convenience of a stonework and landscaping service under one umbrella.

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Turfed / Seeded Lawns

Lawns are mainly functional outdoor living areas. In a family garden especially, the lawn can not be compromised. Comeragh Landscaping can design, turf and seed your lawn, taking into account the features you wish to incorporate around it. Comeragh will advise you on lawn care and maintenance of your newly planted lawn.

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We offer our clients a comprehensive range of fencing designs and installations in various finishes to suit the individual garden requirements.  Only pressure treated timbers and rustproof screw fixings are used in our timber fencing projects.  We provide a range of custom built fencing services in the following finishes:

  • Post and Panel Fencing
  • Post and Rail Fencing
  • Timber Wall Cladding
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Trellis Screening

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Comeragh Landscaping attends to functional areas of your garden as well as aesthetics. Driveway construction and kerbing are an essential part of landscaping. Kerbing finishes off a driveway and highlights the borders of a garden. Kerbing comes in various shapes and sizes and Comeragh Landscaping can advise you on what driveway best suits your garden taking your budget into account.

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Paving / Patios

Comeragh Landscaping is renowned for high quality paving and patios. The true meaning of the word patio is "An inner courtyard open to the sky". What is has become for most homeowners is an outdoor room for entertaining. Patios are usually paved with slabs, brick or natural stone and situated in an area which captures the best sun and is convenient to the house. Comeragh Landscaping can design and construct a unique and fitting patio for your home.

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Tree / Shrub Planting

It is important to have knowledge of trees and shrubs when planting a garden and that's where Comeragh Landscaping comes in. We supply and plant an extensive range of high quality shrubs and trees. All of our plants are sourced from the very best Irish and European nurseries.

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Water Features

Water features in various forms are always an added attraction in a garden, where both their sound and appearance can add an extra dimension. Running water provides a tranquil and relaxing setting and also promotes life in a garden. Comeragh Landscaping can introduce ponds, waterfalls or small water features to your garden that fit perfectly with your surroundings.

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Christmas Trees

About Comeragh Landscaping Christmas Trees

Our own grown Christmas trees for sale at Currans Hardware Dungarvan Eircode: X35 WR24 (opposite Aldi) from Thursday 1st December 2022.

Check our facebook / instagram pages for opening times.

Residential Garden Design

Our landscaping contract manager stays with you from initial planning through to commissioning. Comeragh Landscaping has earned the title of landscaping specialists through using the most up to date design, planning and construction methodologies. Please note that landscaping work qualifies under the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI).


Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Since 1997 Comeragh landscaping have completed the landscaping of numerous housing estates, public amenity areas, schools and factories. Comeragh landscaping also offer a professional maintenance service for our clients if required.


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