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Garden Types Created By Comeragh Landscaping

Garden Designed By Comeragh LandscapingGardens come in all shapes and sizes. In the past decade gardens have become more valuable to homeowners as a result of spending too much time in the workplace. With homeowners spending more quality time in their gardens, Comeragh Landscaping has recognised the need for individuality. Living areas in a garden are being defined to suit the homeowner and their needs.

Being able to entertain outdoor in pleasant surroundings adds greatly to a gardens attraction. Regardless of its size, a garden used for entertaining should have as much space as possible for sitting and general circulation. A large proportion of this area should be paved with slabs, brick or natural stone. Patios and terraces should be located close to the house for convenience. Prior to constructing your patio, Comeragh Landscaping can design the best patio for your garden taking into account the sun traps as well as the size and layout of your garden.

Garden Designed By Comeragh LandscapingFamily
A garden to suit all the family is not always easy to achieve, especially when the needs of the individual family members are diverse. A family orientated garden would be largely functional allowing space for a play area and perhaps an area for growing herbs or vegetables. More importantly it would comprise of plants and flowers which would be easily maintained. Plants should be interesting to look at, colourful and not poisonous.

Water features in various forms are always an added attraction in a garden, where both their sound and appearance can add an extra dimension. Running water provides a tranquil and relaxing setting and also promotes life in a garden. Comeragh Landscaping can introduce ponds, waterfalls or small water features to your garden that fit perfectly with your surroundings.

Garden Designed By Comeragh LandscapingSmall Garden
The size of a garden does not have to hamper the level of enjoyment you gain from it. The garden can be designed around the owner and their needs. Separate areas of functionality can be established to allow the best outcome from a small garden. Comeragh Landscaping finds that introducing paving into a small garden defines functional areas. Trees can be planted around the space to offer privacy.

Low Maintenance
With the pace of life today more and more homeowners wish to enjoy their garden without having to maintain it. When free time presents itself they'd rather not be weeding! Comeragh Landscaping are specialists in designing and constructing low maintenance gardens. Incorporating mulch and weed suppressant contributes to a garden relatively free from weeds.

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